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Sporting Clays - 101, Private Class

Learn sporting clays and basic skills to break easy targets.

Service Description

Ready to try your hand at clay shooting sports? Discover the thrill of shooting and learn the basic skills you will need to break your first clay targets with my Sporting Clays 101 private lesson. For beginners with little to no prior experience, this comprehensive learn to shoot class teaches you gun safety and the eight core competencies of clay shooting . Don't wait any longer, sign up now and start hitting those targets. In this class, the student will learn the following fundamentals of shooting clay targets. Competency #1 - Gun Safety and Positive Control A. Rules of gun safety B. Range safety and etiquette C. Hearing and eye protection D. Loading / unloading shotgun E. Firearm and ammunition malfunctions F. Potential safety hazards Competency #2 - Eye Dominance A. Testing for eye dominance effecting performance B. Assessment C. Employing solutions Competency #3 - Eye Alignment / Gun Fit A. Length of Pull B. Drop At Comb C. Pitch D. Cast Competency #4 - Shooting Form A. Length of Draw / Gun Mount B. Stance / Balance C. Eyes and Barrel Orientation D. Grip Competency #5 - Pre-Shot Planning A. Reading the Target B. Break Point B. Hold Point C. Visual Pickup Point Competency #6 - Fundamentals of Shot Execution A. Ready Position B. Head and Eyes C. Body Mechanics D. Barrel Movement / Swing E. Visual Focus F. Trust Competency #7 - Understanding Lead and Lead Types A. Pull Away B. Swing Through C. Sustained D. Intercept E. Diminishing Competency #8 - Beginner Standard Clay Targets A. High and Slow Incoming B. High and Slow Outgoing C. Lazy Quartering Away D. Lazy Quartering To

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours prior to your session.

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  • 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, VA, USA

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