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What people say

"Discover what Dave's customers have to say about their experience with our shooting courses. From beginners to advanced shooters, our program delivers immediate results. Join us now and take your shooting skills to the next level."

Randy Lynn

I am a long time skeet shooter who got a bit rusty in my skills. Dave took the time to figure out what adjustments I needed to make to get back on target and help me break more clays.  With his guidance, the improvements were obvious and instantaneous. It was time very well spent.

Jim Jensen

David's instructions were simple and readily understandable. He was patient in working with me and my scores went way up the first day after his instruction. I highly recommend him.

Gabby Franco

Thank you, Dave Gaetani (my new sporting clays coach) for being AWESOME and teaching me  so much in just a few hours of training! So, contact him if you are in NOVA and want to learn sporting clays correctly. I highly recommend him!

Ronald T.

I would definiitely book a lesson with Dave again. His patience, no rush approach allowed me and my two friends to learn the basics of shotgun shooting as well as some of the finer details such as feet positioning, break points, hold points, and leading targets within just one lesson. He kept the lesson fun and engaging, making sure we took our time and followed through with our shots. After each shot he would provide constructive feedback but not too much to overwhelm us as newcomers.

Nick, Stephanie & Vlad

Our group of 3 had an incredible  morning shooting with Dave. He patiently coached the new shooters while providing advice on more advanced shot presentations for those with experience. No matter what level, David will get you breaking more clays and having more fun at the range!

Chris Doherty

I had NEVER shot a shotgun until today. Dave took us through all of the safety procedures, and then, all of the nuances of shooting trap with a shotgun. Unbelievably, I hit quite a few of the trap. Many more than I would have ever expected, on my first time. David is incredibly knowledgeable, while being accurate, and engaging. Everything you would want in an instructor. I highly recommend him.


John Keffer

David is an excellent shotgun shooting instructor. My teenage sons and I attended a beginner private lesson with David. He was very detailed in explaining the range safety rules and safe handling of the shotgun. The private lesson was outstanding and we quickly improved our performance by consistently hitting the targets after following his feedback and instruction. He was very patient with us and gave us good tips to improve our accuracy. David is a wonderful instructor and we are looking forward to having follow on lessons in the future.

My friends and I are definitely beginners, but we’re looking to up our game. Dave was incredibly patient and kind while teaching us critical skills, improving our form, leads, and strategy. His calm demeanor and encouraging energy made our time out on the sporting clays the best!


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